A brilliant talk about “Dynamic Consultation” by Trip Barthel

trip BarthelFamous international author and global speaker at our Museum

We were all very delighted to welcome Trip Barthel and his wife Diane to Seattle. They just recently returned from 6 years of teaching in China and India at various Universities about a brand new approach to Dynamic Consultation. Here is a copy for a short period you may find most helpful at http://www.9facets.org/9f/Dynamic_Consultation_files/Dyn%20Cons%20Workshop%20rev1.pdf
or visit their website at http://www.9facets.org/dc/Books_and_Articles.html

The Mission of Dynamic Consultation is to integrate consultation with the theories, skills and practices of modern group processes creating unified and active communities for the peace and prosperity of humankind.

Trip has taught Mediation at Shanghai University of Political Sciences for the last 5 years.
It was our special privilege to have him lead us into a most helpful workshop.

Even though it was a stormy blistering night we were happy to see a number of visitors and friends. I just wished it could have lasted even longer.

Hopefully we get to see them both again.

We are excited to announce our new Meet Up session at the Museum

meet UpWe are excited to share that our Museum has joined Meet Up. Our sessions on history and social change will take place in our Fireside Lounge. It is registered to occur every 2 and 4th Sunday from 12:30-2:00pm. Our dialogues will engage with a variety of historical topics and can become an inspiration for society around us. Please come and check us out and invite your friends.
For further information call us at 206-390-9982

WA Baha’i History Museum, UDistrict, Seattle,

Seattle, WA
10 Lovers of Social Change/History

This is a group for 18+ who enjoy discussions on history and social change. We often use music and the arts to add to an afternoon filled with fun. We have ongoing speakers, u…

Check out this Meetup Group →

Once again it was time for “Open Mic”

open mic7Where have the last 30 days gone? Once again we invited and brought many artist into our “Fireside Lounge” in the Museum. Our room was filled to capacity all night long. Many walk in visitors signed up as they discovered us and others prepared for their performance all month long. From playing instruments, singing a newly composed song or performing their poetry. Come back and join us next month.