A sing-along with Katey Pooray and our children

Sing along with KateyWhat joy to see some of the parents and their children visiting our WA Baha’i History Museum in our Activities Lounge Saturday lunchtime.
Katey Pooray visited us from China and volunteered to meet some of our parents with their children. Much fun was had by all and the snacks and refreshments were appreciated on a hot summer day.

An exciting dramatic presentation of Tahirih, famous poetress

0723141953A most exciting evening was had by many at our History Museum. Many of our visitors made it up the stairs to settle down for an evening of a dramatic presentation by Nava Bastani of “Tahirih..the Pure One” a famous Persian poetress and early forerunner fighting for Women’s Equality. We are talking the 1840′s when few were prepared to give their lives for this most heroic cause. She was a Babi and believed in those Principles of Equality. Eventually she was murdered upon refusal to accept marriage to the Shah. Several of her poetry was performed including some dramatic re-inactments of aspects of her life.
Afterwards everybody enjoyed deserts and refreshments. Then the evening ended with a tour of the latest exhibits in the History Museum. Ms. Bastani just arrived from South Africa and is on her way to Alaska.

Welcome to our new Children’s Activity Room

0621141303We are excited to share with you our new Children’s Activity Room at our Museum. We had so much fun with our students decorating each of the walls and floor. Not sure if there is room left to seat our children….but it took them minutes to find their corner of the room.Come and bring in your little ones real soon! We will be having children’s classes every Sunday morning from 11:30am to 12:30pm. Let the story telling begin.