Once again it was time for “Open Mic”

open mic7Where have the last 30 days gone? Once again we invited and brought many artist into our “Fireside Lounge” in the Museum. Our room was filled to capacity all night long. Many walk in visitors signed up as they discovered us and others prepared for their performance all month long. From playing instruments, singing a newly composed song or performing their poetry. Come back and join us next month.

Our “Open Mic” at the Museum Lounge

Museum concert1Once a month we have a “Reverb Open Mic Night” at our Museum Lounge. Artists from around Washington come over and share their talents. From keyboards, guitars to ukulele’s entertained us for over an hour. Several then went on to take a tour of our Museum, socialized and enjoyed our refreshments. Some of their children played in our kids activity room. The whole evening is free and complimentary. Let the fun begin.

Some new artifacts and a fireplace have arrived!

We are excited to share some of our new objects have arrived. One of them is a 1929 electric vibration kit that could be connected to an old Ford Motor Car battery. It promises to cure all ailments. We have the original manual….come and take a look. Oh my, we have come a long way since then in understanding the science of healing.

Fall seems to arriving and winter is not that far away. So we decided to get a fireplace for our visitors in the Activity Lounge. We are looking at serving Hot Chocolate and home made cookies. Yes we do have a daily “Quiet Zone Meditation Hours”….come in and just take a break. We have live TV and of course offer free WIFI.

Look out for the announcement of our forthcoming Sunday “Brunch Talks”. Plus our children’s Story Telling Hour on Wednesday.

Let the fun begin.