More visitors and some new objects have arrived

0810141455thank you Nani Lawrence for your visit today and really enjoyed meeting your son. It has been many years since we first knew each other back in Hawaii and here we are!
Happy you liked our Museum and some of our new objects.

It’s summer time and many visitors are coming in

0809141208It is summer time and many visitors are finding us. Some came as far as China, or Canada, San Francisco, Texas, Florida and Tennessee to mention a few. Our UW students are studying with us and have taken many pictures. Always something new to see. Come and join us soon too!
Don’t forget to leave a comment on our National Trip Advisor so others can find us too.

A sing-along with Katey Pooray and our children

Sing along with KateyWhat joy to see some of the parents and their children visiting our WA Baha’i History Museum in our Activities Lounge Saturday lunchtime.
Katey Pooray visited us from China and volunteered to meet some of our parents with their children. Much fun was had by all and the snacks and refreshments were appreciated on a hot summer day.