An exciting day celebrating our first year on THE AVE

open House1What a wonderful day it was…..even though we have started our 4th year, but this month closed our 1st year on THE AVE. We welcomed over 200 visitors throughout the day and night. It started off with a most powerful dance and performance of the Tlingit Tribe sharing their stories and in the end blessed our Museum. It was shared that we are now a Sacred Place for them We have become family as we see each other almost every week.
Next we enjoyed some wonderful Persian music performed by Behnam Kooshkoo.
Such a huge treat to welcome our children perform for us a piano recital and some amazing songs. Thank you to the Rohm, Murphy and Padfield families. Can hardly wait to have them back.
Soon it was time to feel happy and sing along with Kurt and Leslie Asplund. Loved every song as it filled our hearts with joy. Least but not last we had the privilege of listening to the famous Cleve Ticeson. Life just could not get any better.
Thanks to Thomas and Judy Rohm for serving 200 people all day long with never ending new dishes of food and cookies. We also want to thank Shirley Ballard and Nancy Coleman for delivering mountains of home baked cookies.
Our many visitors enjoyed their tours given by our volunteers all day and evening long.
Come and see us sometime soon.

A day with our University Prep Academy students

imageIt was a sunny day in Bellevuue as 3 buses arrived one by one at the Eastside. Baha’Center for their annual field trip to learn about the various Faiths and Religions. Our WA. Bahai History Museum arranged for several speakers and workshops. Some of our Youth from Kent and Federal Way were amazing as they guided the many visitors. 128 students came and toured our booth, the Center and workshops. Dr. Roy Steiner, our member of our Board of Directors, gave a class on a Global Sustainability and the genetics of “Human Oneness”. Several other classes we shared by several representatives from the Christian, Muslim and Theist community.

Several activities are all about making new friendships

imageimagesrc=”×225.jpg” alt=”image” width=”300″ height=”225″ class=”alignright size-medium wp-image-3048″ />It has been a long week and we are trying to catch our breath. We had many visitors from all across the country. Our Native American friends are practicing at our Museum in preparation for their performance at the new Longhouse on the UW Campus.
A number of Youth visited us and had an adventure hunt and lunch. Our Lounge now has launched in a more formal manner presentations along with interactive conversations every Saturday Night. Many of our students are writing their final papers due in a few days. We will miss them and their cheerful visits, questions and great conversations.